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Landscape of a mountain in the background, a sun, and colorful birds in the clouds. A building surrounded by trees, and in the left corner a person in a wheelchair and another person using a cane. Four people smiling in front of a building, a person in a wheelchair, another person using a cane, accompanied by an adult man and an adult woman.

Who we are

Fundación Comparlante is a non-profit organization that promotes the development and inclusion of persons with disabilities in Latin America. From technological tools, products and services, we promote accessibility, entrepreneurship and equity. Our goal is to ensure that this vulnerable sector of society has full enjoyment of their rights.

Globalization and local Action - Globalization y Acción Local | Sebastian Flores | TEDxQuito
“Accessibility is in our hands” | kanthari TALKS 2018 | Lorena Julio | Argentina

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Active Accessibility - Take Action! Join our talks series on IG Live about adapted sports with the accessibility sport-champions from our team.

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Presentation of the Global Survey on persons with disabilities and COVID-19, for its access and implementation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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February 21 - International Mother Language Day 2021: Promoting multilingualism for inclusion in education and society.

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New technologies must be at the service of all. For that reason we created this accessible platform for the supply and demand of products and services for persons with disabilities. We promote alternatives in professional services which methodologies, formats and processes of implementation are developed under international accessibility standards generating equity in the access to opportunities.

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Comparlante is a collective project encouraged and held thanks to people who want to live in a more accessible world innovating and being part of the change.

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